We made a new Fenster, and this is how we are

  • Window area 3m2 instead of 1m2
  • Café area 110 m2 instead of 12 m2
  • A large beautiful square with a beautiful view in front of the window, instead of a tiny dark alley
  • Service speed:
  • Before: 60 drinks per hour / 2 baristas
  • Currently: 120 drinks per hour / 3 baristas
  • Soon: 250 drinks per hour / 5 baristas
  • It was: the legendary espresso machine Sanremo Opera
  • It is now: the new Sanremo Racer espresso machine
  • It will be: one Sanremo Opera and two Sanremo Racers
  • 3 Compak PKF coffee grinders
  • 1 Mahlkönig EK43 coffee grinder with SSP Burrs
  • 1 Hipster Brewer Machine for filtered coffee
  • 1 BUNN ICBA Machine for filtered coffee
  • 1000 different little things and hours to equip a new room
  • Now it is very warm inside during the winter!
  • Now there is a toilet and kitchen!
  • Now there are a huge warehouse and a cupping room
  • It will be there as well: a large store of coffee machines, filters, coffee grinders and other stuff, as well as coffee beans

And the most important thing: a total independence and control of our premises!

Stay tuned!