The Card with the Black Text

My dear friend!

To say that you got lucky would be wrong. What you have is only a usual dumb The Card with black text on it. Only that. And you have a pretty simple task at hand. Kill 7 (seven) drinks (or maybe even coffees), get a stamp-o for each one and switch that ten-stamp card for one bonus as-a-gift-from-me drink.

For that you have one year since the first drink is bought. And each one of drinks bought count. Every one of them. Even coffee.

Just like anywhere else. At any other place. You know, I myself really don’t like this card. But it’s a must. And now you’ll get why.

Important notice. By beginning to use this card, you’re not only accepting the conditions above, but also accepting every future edit and upgrade in prior, reserving the right to refuse using the card at any moment, by choice.

In other words, if you’re ok with me closing the shop at any moment and you won’t get mad at me for this as a hipster who’s got his filter on Gesha out of Esmeralda taken away from him would. And, moreover, you also won’t show a sign of complaint in any form despite maybe saying “well, it is how it is, so yeah…”.