Kleiner Schwarzer / Espresso €1,50
Großer Schwarzer / Double Espresso €2,50
Kleiner Brauner / Cortado / Macciato FG €2,50
Brauner / Cortado / Macciato FG with Double Shot Espresso  €3,50
Wiener Melange / Cuppuccino FG €3,50
Wiener Melange / Cuppuccino FG  with Double Shot Espresso €4,-
Einspänner FG  €4,50
Kleiner Schwarzer with whipped cream
Latte FG  €4,-
Tomas´s Latte FG  €4,5
Latte with a double shot espresso

Specialty / Light roasted coffee

Espresso Specialty €3,-
Flat White FG  €4,-
Filtered Small €3,-
Filtered Large €4,-

Sugar or milk for filtered coffee €2,-

CREATIVE / Coffee Drinks & cocktails

Cornettoccino FGCA €5,50
Cappuccino in a cornetto
Marshmallowccino FGC  €4,50
Cappuccino with a Marshmallow Fluff
Espresso-Orange €4,50
Double shot with fresh pressed orange juice
Raph FG  €5,50
Double espresso shot, foamed milk and cream, vanilla syrup
Oreo-Latte FGCA€5,50
Latte with Oreo cookies
Espresso in the fire €4,-
Double espresso shot, Tabasco Red or Carolina Reaper Chili

Sommer Coffee Drinks

Espresso-Tonic €5,50
Double shot, high quality tonic, ice
Cold Drip Orange €5,50
Cold Drip / Brew, freshly pressed orange juice, ice

Coffe in good spirits / 21+

Tropical Punch €6,50
Cold Drip, fresh orange juice, Cointreau, ice
Lemon Cheesecake Cappuccino €5,-
Cappuccino with Lemon Cheesecake Liqueur
Mozart Espresso 4,5
Double Espresso with Mozart Liqueur
Espresso-Tonic-Gin €7,5
Double shot, high quality tonic, Gin, ice

A Glutenhaltiges getreide, C Eier, F Sojabohnen, G Milch