Do not buy automatic espresso coffee machines. Never

We tried to arrange an interesting offer for offices and for home, kind of a coffee subscription and as a bonus - an automatic coffee machine for making espresso, cappuccino, latte and everything else, at a special price.

But we didn’t succeed. The fact is that at the moment there is no automatic coffee machine on the whole coffee market that we could recommend to our customers.
A machine that would make uncompromisingly delicious espresso from our perfect coffee beans. Three degrees of grinding. Really? Fuck, it's total fuck-up. Washing this machine once a week? This is utter nonsense.

In short, we did not find anything related and proper. Nothing at all. At the moment, it’s impossible to make a high-quality espresso at home or in the office, according to SashaCoffee, of course. You can get a good espresso in the only way. Simply buy a good coffee grinder and an espresso machine, or to come to our cafes. That’s all.
So, this discussion about automatic espresso machines is completely done. If you have at least good taste - do not fool yourself. And re-read this text a couple more times.

If you need to make a coffee at home or in the office - go bankrupt yourself with a normal coffee grinder and espresso machine purchase, or try coffee other than espresso: filter, aeropress, mocha and any other variation. But more about this issue is in another article.

Love, kisses, hugs! Sasha. Coffee. SashaCoffee